After more than 20 years of experimental garden practice and enthusiasm for nature and landscape architecture, entering the field of the professional garden- and landscape-design was only a logical step, a matter of the heart!
My studies in Design, Horticultural History, Soft and Hard Landscape were completed with a diploma at the Oxford College of Garden Design, England.
The intensive coursework with outstanding English garden designers such as John Brookes and garden architect and author Noel Kingsbury opened up a new dimension in thinking around my garden space:
I like to structure space through natural plantings.  Layer planting (mixed plantings in species, structure and size) is the simple but effective formula for my designs when it comes to areas. My approach is not to copy nature, but to implement my own interpretations and variations with nature-like plantings.
Garden lovers will benefit from the customized design of the planting plans, the very precise layouts for implementation, and the exact instructions for sourcing and caring for the plants.
The passion I associate with botany determines the focus of my work: sustainable plant driven designs.

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