Draft for the redesign of a family garden.
Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany
900 sqm

Family garden with large area of lawn for play, wrap-around patio including several seating areas.
In the style of English gardens, beds are to be created in "mixed-border style".
Focus of planting: close to nature, flowering, with seasonal attractions. Front garden with appealing shade planting. A mix of modern elements & materials and rural romance.
Privacy screen , garden shed, composter.

Modernization of an English country garden.
Wallingford, UK
800 sqm

Modern country garden* with clearly structured garden spaces, large terraces and pool, elegant lawns and a secluded vegetable garden with greenhouse.
Multiple art features. Generous driveway with additional parking.
Emphasis of planting design: larger perennial beds, with structure to match the natural, rural setting (perennial meadow). Modern elements (steel edging, concrete). 


* Photos by Oxford College of Garden Design

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