Of Visions and Realities


It can sometimes take years or decades for a vision to come true. Times change, the climate changes, taste changes. Since childhood I have planned my gardens, at first colorful, constantly varying, searching in the English border. With my current understanding of beauty in the garden, I combine my own taste with hopefully sensible plant combinations that are mainly long-lasting and stable. Form takes precedence over color and the realization that some plants just don't thrive in our latitudes has won out....

True to Beth Chatto's motto: right plant- right place, more and more heat and drought resistant plants have found their way into our beds in recent years. Subordinate to the color combinations, the leaf and growth structures play a decisive role, the more so as the year progresses towards winter. The old "English Border" has thus become a new, climate-adapted version, in which flowering perennial groups are interwoven with grasses and ground covers, plants appear naturally grown, and yet a creative hand is recognizable behind them.

Impressions from our garden:

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